Welcome to www.1964canucks.com!

This is such an exciting year for the NPHS Class of 64! On November 7, we’ll gather as classmates once again for what promises to be an amazing reunion at the Palace at Somerset Park in Somerset, N.J..

Just a little more than a year ago, a reunion would have seemed like an unreachable dream. Enter Facebook! Prior to March 2014, many of our NPHS classmates were on Facebook, a few, including myself, had even connected with each other as Facebook friends.

Around that same time, I was posting regular updates on Facebook about the fate of my nephew whose house had been seriously damaged in a gas explosion. My Facebook/high school friends were concerned and supportive and it led me to wonder if there might be an effective way to reconnect my NPHS Facebook friends with each other.

I guess got a little overzealous with Facebook choices! On March 5, 2014, I started our “Friends from NPHS” Facebook group thinking it would be a site where, for lack of a better description, these few “charter” NPHS Facebook members could communicate with each other. Almost immediately, the group saw  communication possibilities unfold as classmates began inviting more class members to join the group. Our numbers began to grow and they continue to grow daily.

Very early on, the subject of a class reunion surfaced.  After much discussion, an informal reunion team was formed to explore our options. After investigating a number of venues, it became obvious that The Palace at Somerset Park would be the smartest choice we could make. I can not even begin to describe how lovely The Palace at Somerset Park is! We will have a spectacular reunion on November 7. The Oldies DJ is fantastic, our photographer is excellent, so get ready to party and dance the night away!

Having nailed down these important details, we discovered we needed a more effective way to get updates and important information to more of our class members. it became clear that a class website would be a helpful tool. I can’t be more pleased with the way everything is falling into place. An increasing number of classmates are stepping forward to join our Canuck-a-team. I am so impressed with the very warm welcome a new member is given when they join our class Facebook page. We seem to be realizing we have a strong connection with each other as NPHS Alumni. Welcome to our new class website!

Anne McKean Kistrup